Click to water and grow moss.  Click outside the board to advance a cycle without watering. There is no win state, play as long as you want and then reset or pick a new type of moss to grow.

Moss Types:

  • Type 1 - Water to grow the green moss (easy).
  • Type 2 - Balance too much water (purple rot) and too little water (light brown) to grow the green moss. If it dies it cannot be revived (difficult).
  • Type 3 - Water to keep the grey moss growing and prevent it from turning brown (moderate).
  • Type 4 - Grow the lichen (not actually a moss) on a tree with water (easy) - can take a few cycles to start growing.
  • Type 5 - Grow the lichen (not actually a moss) on a rock with water (easy) - can take a few cycles to start growing.
  • Type 6 - Alien moss! Grow competing purple (ideal moisture), orange (low moisture), and green (high moisture) mosses.
  • Type 7 - Aquarium moss, it grows in water so just click and watch it grow (easiest) - can take a few cycles to start growing.
  • Type 8 - Water to encourage the moss to grow, linear growth pattern from all points (easy) - can take a bit to start.
  • Type 9 - Water this red moss to give it new green growth (easy).
  • Type 10 - Finn's Moss - Brown moss, keep it moist, when it dries it turns grey and then dies a bright white (moderate).
  • Type 11 - Lichen battle, help three different types of lichen take over the rock by watering (easy).
  • Type 12 - Picks a random moss

Created for the Game By Its Cover 2022 Game Jam. My hope is to add more moss types in the future. Though I am not sure I will reach the 47 mentioned in the inspiration game.

Inspired by Paul McCann's cover and ideas for the My Famicase Exhibition 2022.

As with every game, thanks to Kevin Hutchins for coding help.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorVal Hutchins
Tagsmoss, Pixel Art, Relaxing

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moss is good


very good game for fans of moss such as myself


I love the little patchwork patterns, and watching the moss re-emerge from an old dry patch when you water it again!

(1 edit)

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the pathwork feel as I had been debating keeping it that way, or trying to make the borders a bit looser, and decided ti stick with the square feel.


I like this.


Really neat! It managed to be evocative of both moss and lichen and felt reasonably lifelike, even if I have no idea how either of them actually grow.