This is a remake of the kids board game Eureka with a pirate theme. It is still a work in progress on the art side, but other than a small bug, is generally working.

It is a low strategy game. Play with one to four players.

To play you will click to roll and then click to move your player as many tiles as the dice roll. You may only move to adjacent tiles and cannot move back to the tile you were just on. When done you will either find treasure or you might find another pirate. If so you will battle to see who rolls the highest score.

If you are unlucky you might roll a 1, in which case you don't get a turn and your mortal enemy, the pirate queen, moves closer.

Hint: Click on the spaceships to go to a secret space themed version of the game. You can click 1 - 4 players.

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AuthorVal Hutchins
TagsBoard Game, eureka

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